Doing business online is everything these days. We understand it's quite a steep learning curve for most and we want to help.

We've designed a free Video Challenge to help you boost your online video content, taking it from basic to brilliant with 10 days of tips, techniques, and feedback.
Join 3 professional coaches with expertise in voice & presentation, video production & marketing, and content development & storytelling. Their wealth of knowledge will help you take your personal brand and online content, and Make. It. POP!

The next challenge runs 26 Oct - 8 Nov 2020


10 mini tutorials to improve your online content


Each day at least one challenge submission will get Individual feedback from one of your three experts


A live Q&A each Friday to answer all of your questions with replays available for those who couldn't attend


Improve and build your skills with regular input and support

Consistency is Key

We have designed this 2 Week Video Challenge to make sure you get the most out of your time. We understand that not everyone has the ability to commit to month or year-long projects; this challenge will allow you to quickly and efficiently build your skills over a short period of time.

If the thought of video frightens you, join us in this safe space to go from fearful to fearless. You will get step by step instructions and the support you need to create the videos that will take your business online, right now, when you need it most.

This is also a great challenge for the more advanced creators who are looking to strengthen their knowledge, push themselves, and learn a few new tricks to keep their content fresh.
We begin on Monday 26 October, and the challenge is zero cost to you, so join us now to get some exciting pre-challenge content to help you get the most out of the 2 Week Video Challenge.
Sign up now and take charge of your content and your future!

About Us

Danielle Benzon

Danielle has a Masters Degree in Acting from the E15 Conservatory in London, UK, and is certified to teach the Meisner Approach through the True Acting Institute, USA. She is also the current Artistic Director of Crooked Teeth Theatre Company. ​As a voice and speaking coach, Danielle is passionate about creating space for authentic human communication and unlocking the hidden potential within each speaker.  Through this work people turn their stage fright into joy, confidence, and excitement. By showing up and being fully present both physically and emotionally, on stage and on camera, a speaker can unlock the ease of authentic expression.

Jennifer Shanse

After graduating from UBC’s film program, Jennifer spent a couple years in England in post-production and marketing. She was lucky to attend the Marche at Cannes as part of Continent Film. Her travels took her to Ghana, where she volunteered at local television station Coastal TV directing, shooting and editing documentaries and narratives. Before turning her sights on promotional video, she spent time on the Thai-Burma border where she shot and directed a documentary with New Zealand-based non-profit SpinningTop.
Besides her film background, she also has strong roots in small business. While attending university she helped build a retail business, and this is now her second small business.

Melody Owen

Melody is a content strategist, professional storyteller and story teacher. She helps entrepreneurs tell their unique stories to the world in a manner that empowers both the writer and reader. We all have a story to tell and experiences to share that can enrich the lives of others. She works with social entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs with big hearts. When she is not supporting entrepreneurs, or hanging out with her family, you can find her outside.
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