The Inspired Speaker Academy Presents

The 30 Day Video Journal Challenge


with voice and speaking coach, Danielle Benzon

Build your authenticity and confidence on camera so that you can connect to your deepest self and deliver your message with passion, purpose, and joy.

We begin on the 25th of January. Join us to fast-track your journey to easy, authentic confidence on camera.

30 Days. 30 Dollars.

A dollar a day for exceptional support as you build your confidence on camera.

With this support, you'll find the spark that allows you to connect with others through video - in the same way you would when you're in person and being your best, most sparkly, charismatic self at a party or networking event.

Before you can be "on brand", or professional, or eloquent on video, you first need to build a bedrock of authenticity. 

If you turn into a different person when you press record, you're never going to build a trusting relationship with your audience. If you don't know how to be simple and real on camera, nothing you build later will ever feel authentically you, no matter what bells and whistles you add.

In order to achieve this level of ease, you have to do something uncomfortable.

You have to get real. With your camera.

This is about being your natural,  quirky, weird and wonderful self . . . on camera!

When faced with the challenge of creating powerful videos, most people focus all their energy on crafting a word-perfect script, or styling themselves up like a movie star.  

They're trying to portray who they think they SHOULD be, instead of tapping into the magic of who they already are.

Even if you have all the kit and budget of a Hollywood blockbuster, without a relaxed, real person talking to that camera, those painstakingly, perfectly crafted videos will always fall flat. 
Successful videos must be human first.

And before we can think about any of those technical aspects, we have to get the human part right. 

So let's jump in and get REAL!

What the 30 Day Video Journal Challenge Includes:

Step By Step Guidance and Instructions
Daily Check-Ins, Tips, and Feedback
A Private, Supportive Facebook Community
Special Prizes to Keep You Motivated!
This challenge is a little different from any other video challenge you may have done. 

The exercise itself, the video journal, is private. The magic of the video journal exercise lies in the fact that you know that no-one will ever see it. You can go deep, get real, get messy, experiment, fail, and truly find yourself in relationship to your lens.
So how will we do the challenge as a group?

Each day, you'll do a live check-in to report on your journalling experience from that day. These check-ins are private within the group: so on the good days, bad days, or just bad hair days, you don't ever have to worry about what other people will think.

This unique process allows you to maintain the integrity of your personal, inner journey, while also receiving expert guidance and answers to your questions as they come up.  

As your coach, I'll be doing the challenge alongside you and I'll be transparently sharing my own observations and learnings. I've done this challenge before (which I've linked at the bottom of this page) and I've coached countless of others through it. I know all the traps and obstacles that come up - and I also know how to get back on track. 

Plus, you get the motivation and accountability of completing the challenge with a group of your peers who will celebrate all the wins you achieve along the way!

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I developed this challenge in 2017 as a way to help me to tap into my quirky personality on camera. I did it every day for 100 days and I published tiny edited snippets of the videos on my behind the scenes YouTube channel so that my friends and clients could join me.

I learned a LOT in those first 100 days - about myself and who I want to be online, about what NOT to do, and how to adjust the video challenge to maximize its effect.

Since then, I've been sharing it with clients who want to bring their own unique personality to their videos. Each person I have shared this with has experienced a profound shift in the way they approach video.

But not everyone has the time, budget, or inclination to work with me one on one.
So this year, with the huge shift to working online that so many of us are facing, I thought I'd revive the video journal challenge in a slightly different form. 

For 30 days there'll be a community moving through this challenge and experiencing this profound growth together - how special is that?

And, to top it all off, everyone who successfully completes the challenge will get a prize from me for seeing it through to the end. 

One of those lucky people will also get to join me in my Camera Confidence 8 week training for content creators. This is my serious video-creator training hosted by myself and my videographer, where we do address all the DIY technical stuff like lighting, and sound, and scripting, and planning, and editing, and and and...

Any Lingering Questions?

If you have any questions about the challenge that you'd like to talk through before you decide to commit to the 30 day challenge, please get in touch with me at

I won't be offering this kind of support again for AT LEAST another year (probably two) so if you're feeling that familiar "push and pull" blend of excitement and fear, or if you're interested but not sure for any reason - let's talk. 

I would hate for you to miss this opportunity to find ease and joy and FUN on camera. 

2021 is the year of online video, so let's jump in and create together! 
Danielle Benzon
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