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Creating Authentic Video

At the Inspired Speaker Academy, we understand how intimidating creating video content can be. There are many things to consider when filming, such as lighting, sound and framing. But the most important ingredient is also the one we tend to neglect the most: ourselves!

If you struggle to find your authentic voice, you will struggle to connect with your audience. But when you are speaking from your heart, nothing can dim that light. We will help you interact with the camera in the same way you talk to a dear friend: with all the joy, quirkiness,  self confidence, and enthusiasm that makes you, you! 

Remember, your personality is your brand: your audience connects with your uniqueness before they connect with your content. The more relaxed and real you are, the more relatable you are: they’ll like and trust you, and keep coming back for more.

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About The Inspired Speaker Academy

What we stand for

At Inspired Coaching are passionate about the magic that comes from honouring both joyful, authentic, human expression, while simultaneously upholding superior production standards.

Inspired Speakers are not only technically excellent,
but also heartfelt, uniquely themselves, uninhibited, joyful,
​and fully expressive as they speak from their deepest passion.
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Danielle Benzon - Academy Director

Danielle has a Masters Degree in Acting from the E15 Conservatory in London, UK, and is certified to teach the Meisner Approach through the True Acting Institute, USA. She is also the current Artistic Director of Crooked Teeth Theatre Company. ​As a voice and speaking coach, Danielle is passionate about creating space for authentic human communication and unlocking the hidden potential within each speaker.  Through this work people turn their stage fright into joy, confidence, and excitement. By showing up and being fully present both physically and emotionally, on stage and on camera, a speaker can unlock the ease of authentic expression.
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